How do I book?

Via email (see Contact Us / Booking), or by phone 086 1733610  

What does it cost?

Please see our Tours for cost of seakayaking sessions.  

What do I need to wear/bring?

A change of clothes, swimming togs a towel and some old shoes that don't mind getting wet! If you have thermal clothing- fleece, polypro etc, that's good, but cotton gets very cold so is best avoided. A woolly hat is great. A packed lunch and a drink if you are on a full day trip. Waterproof disposable cameras are handy and don't forget sunblock if the weather is bright! 

What Equipment is provided?

We provide Westsuits, Cags (wind/waterproof top), Buoyancy aids, Spraydecks, Paddles, and of course Kayaks. We will also give you a dry bag to store any personal items you'd like to take along. Our guides carry VHF radio, first aid, rescue equipment and flasks of hot ribena.   

Do I have to be able to swim?

If you are water competent, that is enough (there's nothing wrong with doggy paddling!)- we provide buoyancy aids to all our clients, and capsizes are quite rare, unless you choose otherwise! 

Are there age limits for seakayaking?

We generally say 12 years old is a good age to start, though at times we can accommodate family groups where some younger paddlers can come along. As long as you are prepared to give it a try, we don't set any upper age limit. "you don't stop having fun when you get old, you get old when you stop having fun!!"   

Do I need some experience?

No, we tailor our sessions to suit you, so we run Introductory sessions for complete beginners, Intermediate trips for improvers and specialist training clinics for experts. 

What should I expect from the sessions?I

Introductory: We will teach you the necessary skills and techniques to manage your kayak safely and build your confidence. Then we will take you on a journey to suit you and the conditions of the day. (ICU Level 1)

Improver: We will teach you more advanced skills in manouvering the kayak and also some basic rescue techniques. We will build the new skills into a longer trip and introduce some navigation and tidal work.(ICU level 2&3)

Expert: These clinics can be focused on a variety of skills depending on what you would like, these would include rough water and surfing skills, rolling the kayak, advanced expedition planning, navigation and safety procedures and advanced rescue training.(ICU level 4) 

Can I bring my own kayak?

Yes, we offer discounts for people with their own kayak and gear.  

Do we operate outside of Clew Bay?

Yes, we can run day and weekend trips for groups of 5+ further afield.  Our favorite areas include Connemara islands, The Burren, Achill and Galway Bay. 

Can we go camping on kayaking trips?

Definitely.  Weekend island hoping trips involving camping on the island beaches of Clew Bay and further afield can be arranged. These can be tailor made for small groups, and we aim to run several camping weekends over the summer that individuals can sign up to. 

Are You Open All Year?

We run weekday and evening sesssions from April - October and weekend activities throughout the year.  

Do you give group discounts?

Come and talk to us and we'll make an arrangement to suit. 

How do I get there?

Westport is approximatly 3.5 hours drive from Dublin, and 1.5 hours drive from Galway.  See for further information.

There are several a day from Dublin, and from Galway. 

Alternatively, you can fly from several airports in the UK and mainland europe to Knock airport and hire a car. 

What is there to do in the area?

The Galway /Mayo area is a paradise for visitors. See our links section for more activities including cycle hire, surfing, horseriding, hillwalking and sailing.  A variety of  is available locally to suit every budget. 

 What is Sea Kayaking?

Sea Kayaking is a unique way of exploring the coastal environment in small, individual craft closely resembling what the Inuit people of the Arctic used to use for hunting and travelling.  

What are Sea Kayaks?

To clear up any confusion- you sit in a kayak and use a 2 sided paddle, while generally, you kneel in a canoe and use one sided paddle! Our sea kayaks are 18ft long and made of strong plastic, with built in buoyancy so they float even if full of water. They have water-tight hatches front and back, so you take food and camping equipment and properly get away from it all!  

Is sea kayaking safe?

Like any adventure sport, proper training, equipment and experience are vital. At Saoirse na Mara we aim to provide you with all you need to enjoy the sport safely. Our progressive sessions are designed to teach you how to get started in the sport in a responsible and safe way. 

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